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    Japanese company will 3D print your fetus for $1,275

    Japanese company will 3D print your fetus for $1,275


    Japanese firm Fasotec is partnering with Hiroo Ladies Clinic to offer customers 3D-printed models of their unborn children. The process costs ¥100,000, or about $1,275.

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    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    New parents have a strong urge to collect everything they can from their child's early life — from photos and videos to hair and fingernails. Catering to this demand to immortalize infancy is a new product from Japanese firm Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies Clinic — a 3D printed model of your little bundle of joy in utero.

    Called Tenshi no Katachi or "Shape of an Angel," the product is based on a digital model of the mother’s torso built from CT or MRI scans, reports DigInfo TV. That model then gets 3D printed with two resins simultaneously using a process called Bio-Texture, which Fasotec also uses to create medical models. The result is a scale reproduction of your unborn baby, composed of an opaque white fetus encased in the mother’s clear, colorless abdomen. If you’re interested in procuring your own 7-ounce inaction figure, the price is ¥100,000 (about $1,275), and while that includes the decorative pink-and-white box, fetus keychains and cellphone dongles made with the same process will cost you extra.