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Refurbished Retina iPads now available through Apple Store with $50 discount

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Refurbished versions of the third-generation iPad are now available through the Apple Store, providing a $50 discount on the regular unit price.

ipad back stock review
ipad back stock review

Apple has started selling refurbished versions of the third-generation iPad through its official Apple Store. The units are being offered in both black and white and are $50 cheaper than their brand new equivalents, with prices ranging from $449 for the basic Wi-Fi version with 16GB of internal storage to $779 for the LTE version with the maximum 64GB. As with new devices, customers are offered a choice between AT&T and Verizon for cellular service.

Intriguingly, the URL for the Store page features the word "iPad 3," reflecting the popular name which Apple eschewed in its own marketing for the device. Whatever you call them, we imagine Apple has quite a stock of repaired iPads as a result of the Wi-Fi issues that plagued the product back in April, so don't expect the refurb stock to run out any time soon.