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Microsoft's BUILD 2012 developer event sells out in less than an hour

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Microsoft's BUILD 2012 developer conference has sold out in less than an hour.

BUILD 2012 sold out
BUILD 2012 sold out

Tickets to Microsoft's BUILD 2012 developer conference went on sale this morning at 8AM PDT and sold out after just an hour. Early bird registration, priced at $1,595 for the first 500, sold out within minutes and general admission closed after the hour mark. Microsoft has now created a wait list for developers who still wish to register, suggesting that the company will either increase capacity or fill new registrations with cancellations.

We have reached out to Microsoft to comment on the sold out tickets and we'll update you accordingly. Microsoft's BUILD 2012 conference takes place at the company's headquarters in Redmond. The developer-focused event will include details about the future of Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, and Visual Studio 2012.

Update: Microsoft's Tim O'Brien, general manager of developer and platform evangelism, confirms the sellout and has this to say:

Build 2012 sold out in less than an hour. Build 2012 will be unlike anything we've held on our corporate campus in a long time. For those unable to attend, there will be a world class online experience and local developer events throughout the world.