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A timeline of future events from sci-fi authors of the past and present

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Jane Hu of The Awl has created a lengthy timeline of future events from science fiction novels.

Science Fiction Timeline
Science Fiction Timeline

Science fiction is no stranger to predictions of the future, and Jane Hu of The Awl has taken the notable and sometimes hilarious happenings from novels published over the last century and laid them out in visually pleasing infographic as a "timeline of the future." From Geoff Ryman's prediction of computer-brain interfaces in 2020 to Robert Silverberg's thousand-floor skycrapers in 2381, Hu's timeline incorporates the foretellings of several classic and modern science fiction authors. If you're interested in the great novels in Hu's timeline, or if you didn't know about Lady Gaga's arrest in 2027, be sure give The Awl's A Timeline of Future Events a well-deserved perusal.