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DC resident receives semi-automatic rifle after ordering TV through Amazon

DC resident receives semi-automatic rifle after ordering TV through Amazon


A Washington, DC resident ordered a television through a third-party Amazon seller but received a Sig Sauer rifle instead.

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Washington, DC resident Seth Horvitz found himself calling the police last night to report a Sig Sauer semi-automatic rifle that had been mailed to him instead of a TV. A local Fox network has confirmed that police are investigating the rifle, which was apparently meant to be mailed to a gun shop in Pennsylvania. Horvitz tells us he ordered the TV through a third-party Amazon seller, who maintains that he did not ship a gun by mistake. Horvitz previously told The Washington Post that the box had multiple mailing labels, one with the correct recipient and another with his name and address.

Since Amazon only processed payment for the order, it's not taking any responsibility, though it has informed DCist that it is investigating the situation. The rifle and TV were both shipped through UPS, which could also have mixed up the boxes. This situation is anomalous to say the least, but it comes at a time when the debate over American firearms is particularly tense. The SIG716 rifle is actually illegal to transport in DC, and Horvitz said the police had "never seen anything quite like" the mix-up, which was almost certainly innocent but ended up putting a high-powered weapon into the hands of a random person. We've reached out to Amazon for comment; the TV's seller told us he has declined to speak until the investigation is over.