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Nikon's 1 Series firmware update reduces blur and improves auto white balance

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Firmware Update 1.20 for Nikon's V1 and J1 interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras improves Auto ISO performance, reduces blur when shooting in Programmed Auto or Smart Photo Selector, and gives better exposures when using an external flash.

Nikon 1 series j1
Nikon 1 series j1

A new firmware update for Nikon’s 1 Series compact interchangeable lens cameras is out, and while it might not be as earth-shattering as Canon’s recent update to the 7D, it’s still worth grabbing. When shooting stills, both the J1 and V1 offer a Smart Photo Selector mode that records a number of frames and presents you with best shot candidates, and this firmware update (1.20) improves the way the camera sets your exposure, both in this mode and Programmed Auto (P). The new formula leans toward faster shutter speeds to limit the amount of blur in your shots, although at the obvious expense of slightly darker photos, more noise artifacting, and / or shallower depth of field.

Other improvements include better auto white balance, and improved exposures when using the SB-N5 external flash when your camera is set to Auto ISO 100–3200, 100–800, or 100–400, along with a couple of bug fixes. The update is available now from Nikon’s site.