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Burner lets you create disposable phone numbers on your iPhone

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A new app on iOS lets you create disposable phone numbers for those times you want to keep your real one to yourself.

Burner app
Burner app

For those times when you want to keep your phone number private, Ad Hoc Labs has released a new app for creating disposable ones. Called Burner, the app just launched on iPhone, and gives users the ability to create temporary numbers for placing calls and sending texts. When you make a call the new number will show up as the caller ID, and you have the option to erase the number for good at any time.

Ad Hoc sees the temporary numbers being used for "dating, Craigslist, short-term projects, side businesses, bands, and other times when you need to be in touch but want to maintain a little privacy." The app costs $1.99, which is enough for one number that lasts for seven days, 20 minutes of talk, or 60 texts — which ever one comes first. You can purchase additional credits to create new numbers or extend the lifespan of existing ones. Burner is available now at the source link below.