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Apple v. Samsung skewered in Conan O'Brien parody

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Conan O'Brien debuted a video on last nights episode of Conan, mocking Samsung for its role in the Apple v. Samsung trial.

Conan O'Brien Samsapple logo
Conan O'Brien Samsapple logo

The legal case between Apple and Samsung is obviously big news for those that follow technology, but the conflict has broken into the mainstream as well. Conan O'Brien debuted a video on last night's episode of Conan that takes a fair number of shots at Samsung, portraying the company as slavishly cribbing designs from Apple for everything from washing machines to vacuum cleaners. There's even a reference to Samsung's "founder": Stephan Jobes. It's not the best video we've seen from Team Coco — its Final Cut X parody took a more clever approach — but it's a clear sign just how huge the battle between the two companies has become.