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Digia acquires Qt from Nokia, plans to enable it on Android, iOS, and Windows 8

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Digia announces that it has acquired Nokia's Qt business and software technologies.

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Digia announced today that it has agreed to acquire the Qt business and software technologies from Nokia for an undisclosed fee. After selling its Qt commercial licensing and services business to Digia back in March 2011, Nokia is selling off its entire Qt team. Digia plans to "quickly enable" Qt on Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices according to the company. Head of Nokia strategy, Sebastian Nyström, says the company is "proud of the contributions we've made to Qt over the past four years," and that the Digia acquisition will allow Qt to "continue as a successful open source project."

The Qt framework, pronounced cute, is used in a number of applications like Adobe Photoshop Elements, VLC, Skype, and Autodesk Maya. Google, Samsung, and RIM have all used the framework to create apps that are available cross-platform. A final release of Qt 5, the next major version, is expected in September and will include full support for OpenGL / OpenGL ES graphics acceleration.

Update: Jolla, started by ex-Nokia employees to continue MeeGo smartphone development, says it is happy with the news: