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'World of Tanks' offers improved graphics and physics in Update 8.0

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World of Tanks update incoming, with new features and additional tanks.

world of tanks
world of tanks

World of Tanks is being updated to version 8.0, which will bring improved graphics, physics, new features, and new content to the multiplayer combat game, announced.

As shown in its latest trailer, Update 8.0 will bring with it realistic tank movement physics, splash and water wave effects, support for deferred shading, emblem and inscription customization, adaptive camouflage, mini-map functions, enhanced tech tree interface, new soviet tanks, and a new British Matilda Black Prince experimental medium infantry tank.

World of Tanks Update 8.0 has no official release date as of yet. Update 7.5 dropped just last week, with new content including maps, tank types, and tank destroyers, as well as mechanic changes and new user interface features.