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OTA Update Center makes it easier for developers to update custom Android ROMs

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A new free-to-use service for developers makes it easier to issue over the air updates for custom Android ROMs.

Android 4.0 welcome robot (STOCK)
Android 4.0 welcome robot (STOCK)

A new tool has been released that makes it easier for the developers of custom Android ROMs to push out new updates over the air. Called OTA Update Center, the service is free to use and, according to the creators, relatively simple to implement. "The project has one goal," the website explains, "to provide a way to provide OTA updates as easy and noob-friendly as possible." While other tools, such as Clockworkmod, offer similar functionality, Update Center makes the process of issuing OTA updates simpler for developers by actually hosting the files. From a user perspective the experience should be the same, but hopefully the ease of use will encourage more developers to include OTA updates for their custom ROMs.