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The Vergecast is live today at 12:30 PDT / 3:30 EDT / 7:30 GMT / 8:30 BST

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Josh has been found. Watch The Vergecast to


We found Joshua Topolsky! Two weeks ago Josh fled the state immediately following an episode of On The Verge. He was still missing last week and we looked to you for help. We followed up on several of your leads. Josh was believed to have been spotted in Vetlanda, Madrid, Prague and Moscow, but in every instance those our investigations turned out to be dead ends.

We thought the trail had gone cold. We thought all hope was lost. We thought Nilay would be doomed to remember everyones Twitter handles. Thankfully we were wrong. Josh has been found! Apparently he was in DC this entire time, sleeping in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. How he got there, we may never know.

If you're interested in playing The Vergecast Home Game, check out Verge Bingo. Does anyone play this? Let us know in the comments.

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