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National Geographic airing Mars rover documentary tonight at 10PM ET

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Tonight at 10PM ET the National Geographic Channel is airing a documentary covering the years that led up to the Curiosity rover landing on Mars.


You watched the landing, saw the stunning descent in full-color, and maybe even played the game, but if you haven't had enough of the Curiosity rover's Mars landing, National Geographic will be airing a new documentary tonight. Called "Martian Mega Rover," the documentary covers the events leading up the historic landing — including the actual construction of the rover — for a story that spans eight years. And though it's going to air just a few days after Curiosity finally reached the surface of Mars, the team even managed to include some of the landing footage, as well. "We've had one day to do the edit," producer Mark Davis told "It's pretty tight." You can check the feature out for yourself at 10PM ET this evening on the National Geographic Channel.