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Apple retail stores now price matching iPhone 4S and 4

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Apple retail stores will now price-match the iPhone 4S and 4, bringing down the price by up to $49.01.

Apple Store SoHo STOCK
Apple Store SoHo STOCK

If you're looking to buy an iPhone despite all of the signs pointing to a September 12th reveal of the next iteration of the device, you'll want to know that Apple's retail stores are now offering to match the prices at major carriers and retailers. A MacRumors source first revealed the news earlier today, and we've been able to confirm with a couple of stores that the policy is indeed in effect. According to a picture sent by the source, stores can take up to $49.01 off of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and an Apple store employee was more than happy to offer us the 16GB 4S for $149.99 when we mentioned Sprint's recent price drop. You'll need to be armed with a source for the lower price, but if you're intent on buying an iPhone directly from Apple's retail stores you shouldn't have a problem getting the discount.