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Ouya begins life after Kickstarter with $109 pre-orders

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Now that its Kickstarter campaign is complete, the Ouya project is accepting pre-orders on its website.

Ouya console
Ouya console

Ouya's crowdfunding campaign just finished, and now the project is letting would-be owners pre-order the miniature console outside of Kickstarter. For those in the US, you can pre-order an Ouya along with one controller for $109, while the rest of the world can expect to pay $119 for the controller/console set (bundles with additional controllers are also available). Back in July Ouya managed to reach its initial funding goal of $950,000 in just eight hours, and since then has garnered support from a few notable game developers and content providers — and you can learn more about the console itself right here. According to the website, those who pre-order now can expect delivery of the Android-powered console in April 2013, just after the March launch for Kickstarter backers.