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Microsoft reportedly changing Metro design branding to 'Windows 8'

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Sources at ZDNet say that Microsoft is permanently changing the name of its design language from "Metro" to "Windows 8."

Windows 8 UI Language
Windows 8 UI Language

Now that Microsoft has nixed "Metro" as the name for its new tile-based design language, it's reportedly going to be switching to simply "Windows 8." ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley says that according to her sources, "Metro-style applications" will officially become "Windows 8 applications," the "Metro user interface" will become the "Windows 8 user interface," and "Metro design" will be "Windows 8 design." Foley points to the new promotional page for Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2, which touts "desktop and Windows 8 apps," as a sign that manufacturers may also have been informed of the decision. On Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is still said to be calling the interface "Windows 8."

Microsoft never officially announced the decision to stop using the Metro codename, but a leaked memo revealed it was making the change because of an "important European partner," possibly German company Metro AG. Since then, it has apparently been pushing the term "Windows 8 style UI" or "New User Interface" but was supposed to decide on a new name by the end of the week. Just calling it Windows 8 is better than either of those, but we don't envy the person who has to explain why the software someone is using on Windows 8 isn't actually a "Windows 8 app."