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Amazon Cloud Player music service comes to Sonos devices

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As promised by Amazon in July, the company's Cloud Player music service now works with Sonos devices.

Sonos products
Sonos products

Amazon announced a wave of changes to its Cloud Player service in July, and one of the features it teased at the time has now arrived: Sonos devices now support Amazon's streaming music service. Users will be able to access their complete Amazon Cloud Library library directly from their Sonos devices, even if they have several devices set up in multiple rooms. The functionality fleshes out Amazon's redesigned service, which now allows users to scan and match their music collection for inclusion in Amazon's cloud — iTunes in the Cloud offers a similar feature — though you'll need to pay a $24.99 yearly subscription fee if you want to store more than 250 songs (Amazon MP3 purchases aren't counted against the storage cap). Cloud Player joins Spotify, Pandora, and several other services that work with Sonos, and both the free and subscription versions of Cloud Player are compatibile.