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Craigslist doesn't want to own your posts, but it's still prohibiting third-party services

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Changes to Craigslist's Terms of Use remove its claim to an exclusive license over user content. While the updated Terms now allow users to republish their ads elsewhere, the changes are unlikely to affect Craigslist's recent lawsuit against PadMapper and 3Taps.

Craigslist stock 1020
Craigslist stock 1020

New changes to Craigslist’s Terms of Use end its claim to a restrictive exclusive license over its users' posts. The news was first reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which noted that the recently-added restriction gave Craigslist effective ownership of the copyrights to its user-generated content, leaving community members unable to republish their ads on multiple platforms, for instance. The EFF notes that because of the company’s about-face, it’s probably less likely that other sites will pursue the same kinds of onerous licensing.

The change likely won’t affect the suit Craigslist filed last month against apartment search provider PadMapper and its data provider 3Taps, though. The updated Terms appear to explicitly prohibit third-party services tapping into its ads while still giving users the freedom to post their own content elsewhere.