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Play this: 'HexGL' is an unabashed 'Wipeout' clone built with HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL

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HexGL is a high-speed Wipeout clone that serves as a great example of what HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL technologies offer independent developers.

HexGL play this
HexGL play this

You'll recognize the inspiration for HexGL just moments after launching the game: this "futuristic racer" is one of the more obvious clones of Sony's Wipeout series we've seen. But considering it's the work of a single computer science student, we're impressed all the same. Thibaut Despoulain created the title using HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL technologies, and it serves as an excellent showcase for both the graphical efficiency and scalability of those standards.

You'll start by choosing between three quality settings depending on the capabilities of whatever hardware you're playing on, with a goal of getting things running at 60fps — that's what makes lends Wipeout its enthralling sense of speeds, after all. For the 2010 MacBook Pro we tested it on, this meant dialing things down to the "mobile" setting, which unfortunately eliminates some of HexGL's nicer visual flair. From there you'd normally pick your track and desired craft, but there's only one of each available during the game's early beta period. There's no multiplayer here, or even sound for that matter (Despoulain says the latter will be coming soon) but assuming you can get racing smoothly, it makes for a fine way to kill 20 minutes.