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Detroit Lions creating 'social sports documentary' using fan-made videos

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The Detroit Lions are documenting this year's NFL season, and they're doing it from a fan's perspective.

Detroit Lions fan
Detroit Lions fan

The Detroit Lions are working with Bombo Sports & Entertainment to create a documentary that follows what happens over the course of the 2012 NFL season. But the film has a bit of a twist — much of it will be viewed through the eyes of fans. Called The Season of Your Life, the movie will feature the standard game highlights and behind-the-scenes footage, but spliced with an array of videos created by fans. The club is asking for submissions on a weekly basis covering everything from rituals and superstitions to traditions and rants.

Some of these clips will be displayed on the Lions' website throughout the season and eventually the most popular ones will make their way into what the team calls a "social sports documentary." "Weaving those pre-game traditions and fan stories in to our documentary about the team will complete the Lions' story," says club president Tom Lewand. Season of Your Life will be released some time in 2013.