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Google Drive for iOS adds native text doc editing

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Google Drive iOS
Google Drive iOS

Google has just pushed out an update to its Google Drive iOS app that finally lets Apple users edit their documents on the go. We knew this was coming thanks to a leak from a few days ago, but now Drive and Docs features for iOS finally have a level of parity with Android. Google says that any edits on collaborative docs will appear in "seconds," and full rich text formatting is included as well. Even the basic function of creating a new document is no longer out of reach. Presentations have been enhanced, with new animation support as well as speaker notes — two crucial items for those living in the slide deck world.

Docs support isn't the only big change, though — users can now upload photos and videos directly from a device to Drive, and it's now possible to add folders and move (or delete) files directly from the app. All in all, this is a pretty major update to an app whose original functionality was sorely lacking. Google's shown an increased interest in its iOS apps lately — hopefully this means that the Google Search app update the company promised a month ago will be coming soon.

Update: Google has also revealed that the Android version of Drive is being updated with the ability to add comments, reply to existing comments, and view tables from within the app. Unfortunately, we've also since learned that the app doesn't support editing of spreadsheets — only text documents are editable on the go.

Thanks, crichton007!