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Twitter rolls out photo uploads for mobile sites on Android 4.0, 4.1, and iOS 6

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Twitter has added the ability to upload or take photos from a mobile browser, rather than an app, on Android 4.x and (reportedly) iOS 6.

Twitter Mobile Upload
Twitter Mobile Upload

Over the past month, Twitter has been making news for its new "Developer Rules of the Road," which greatly limit what third parties can do with its API and make independent clients like Tweetbot less feasible. Fortunately, it's also doing some work to advance its own posting options. As spotted by Sociable, Twitter's Sung Hu Kim tweeted a picture and noted that it had been uploaded through Twitter's mobile site, not the app. He also confirmed that uploading existing photos and taking new ones were both supported, and that the feature was available on Android 4.0 and 4.1.

We've tried uploading images on a Nexus 7 with good results. The Next Web says the tool also works on iOS 6, which makes sense given that it's being implemented a few days before the rumored unveiling of the new iPhone. In both cases, it's taking advantage of features in the operating system that allow for more app-like functionality on mobile browsers. Uploading, of course, has been part of the dedicated app for some time. This isn't a huge update, but it's good to see Twitter paying attention to user experience now that it's cracking down on third party tools.