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Feedly's mobile app updated with new look to take on the likes of Flipboard

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Feedly has launched an update that gives the app a whole new look akin to Flipboard.

Feedly's mobile app is a solid tool for checking out your Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter feeds on the go, and its latest redesign attempts to merge that ability with the look and feel of social reading apps. Available today on both iOS and Android, the updated version of Feedly features a new look akin to apps like Flipboard, with an emphasis on a clean interface and big, bold images. By combining this with the relative flexibility of RSS, the developers believe that the app now offers the best of both worlds, giving users more reading options in a prettier package. There are a handful of other changes as well — including new navigation gestures, Pocket integration, adaptive image resizing, and more — but whether it's enough to lure people away from popular and established social readers remains to be seen. The new and improved Feedly is rolling out today at the source links below.