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Filed under: and hosted sites down, Anonymous claims credit (update: 'most' sites back online)

New, 296 comments and domains hosted by the service are currently down, and hacker group Anonymous has claimed credit.

godaddy logo
godaddy logo

Web service Go Daddy has confirmed that it is working on problems with both its site and those that it hosts. While sites that are hosted through Go Daddy aren't down for everyone, they're stalling for many people, and has been unavailable for an hour or more. Sites that use GoDaddy for email are also apparently having trouble.

The company hasn't provided details about what's going on, but hacker group Anonymous has claimed credit on Twitter, possibly making this the latest of its many DDoS attacks. One user, "AnonymousOwn3r," says he orchestrated the attack because, among other things, he wanted to "test how the cyber security is safe." We've reached out to Go Daddy for more information, but hopefully everything will be back online soon.

Update: is back online in some areas.

Update #2: According to GoDaddy's Twitter account, "most" customer sites are now back online and no customer information was compromised during the course of the attack. There's still no word on the details of the attack itself.