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Google Wallet discontinuing prepaid cards October 17th

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Google is discontinuing its prepaid card system for Wallet, asking users to spend their balance by October 17th.

Google Wallet 1.5 Stock
Google Wallet 1.5 Stock

Google Wallet has just told users that their prepaid cards will be discontinued as of next month. In an email, Google urged users to spend any remaining balance, since the card will disappear on October 17th. On September 17th, users will no longer be able to add prepaid funds or a new card. The change, Google says, is coming because Wallet recently added support for all major US credit and debit cards, something that makes the service much easier to use.

Since purchases still show up as Google Wallet exchanges on bank statements, this isn't a massive change for most customers. However, since Google has been offering a $10 prepaid card to new users and credit card support was minimal until August, it does mean plenty of early adopters will be hurrying to spend that balance by next month. If you miss the deadline, you can apply for a refund here.