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Good Deal: get one year of CrashPlan online backups for free

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In a special promotion, CrashPlan is offering one year of online backups for absolutely free.

CrashPlan Good Deal
CrashPlan Good Deal

We've seen some heartbreaking reminders of the importance of backing up your data lately, and CrashPlan is now offering to help you transfer those most precious files to the cloud at no charge. In a special promotion, the company is offering one year of online backups for absolutely free. The deal seems to be targeted at customers switching over from Carbonite — a competing cloud-based backup service — but we've been able to confirm it works for new users as well.

For the low price of zero, you'll be able to back up one personal computer with no limits on storage capacity. If you're looking to safeguard more machines than that, you can choose a $50 plan (also slashed from its standard $119.99 rate) that covers up to 10 PCs or Macs. Sadly the special pricing is limited to US customers and existing subscribers can't take part; we tried and were rebuffed upon entering our account email address. But for those looking to add another layer of redundancy to their backup process, this is a hard one to pass up.

Update: Updated to reflect US-only availability.