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Sony VG-900 image leak may reveal first full-frame NEX camcorder

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The first image has leaked of the Sony VG-900, the company's first full-frame NEX camcorder.

Sony Alpha Rumors VG-900 leak
Sony Alpha Rumors VG-900 leak

The Sony camera leaks just keep on coming. First, new images potentially revealed both the A99 and RX1, and now we have what appears to be Sony's first full-frame NEX camcorder — the VG-900. According to the image, the device features the same E-mount found in Sony's NEX line of cameras, and Sony Alpha Rumors reports that it will include the same 24-megapixel sensor found in the A99 and RX1, as well as an A-mount adapter for Sony's DSLR lenses, and a price tag of around $3,300. Previously the site reported that the VG-900 was scheduled for to be announced in mid-September, so it looks like we could find out very soon whether or not the camera is indeed real.