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Automated Insights' software can write 500 fantasy football articles per second

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Automated Insights is working with fantasy football sites to produce more than 50 million software-produced articles this season.

NFL football
NFL football

We've seen software that can write automated stories before, and now Automated Insights is bringing the technology to fantasy football in a big way. Through a number of new partnerships — one of which AllThingsD reports is with Yahoo — the company will be producing over 50 million "fully personalized," automated game recap articles over the course of the current football season, ranging in length from 500 to 1,000 words.

"In four hours we will produce more sports articles than ESPN, CBS, and FOX produce in an entire year, combined" CEO Robbie Allen says. The company claims that it can create these game recaps at a rate of more than 500 per second, and says that it's looking to bring the same technology to "any vertical where there is structured data," though it wasn't specific about which areas are prime for computer-produced articles. You can see an example of Automated Insights' robotic prose right here.