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Microsoft opens Windows Store for developers in 82 additional markets

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The Windows Store is now open to developers in 82 additional markets, reaching a grand total of 120 markets before the release of Windows 8.

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Windows Store
Windows Store

As we approach the consumer release of Windows 8, Microsoft has made one final push to bring in developers by opening the Windows Store in 82 additional markets, including Argentina and Vietnam. Now developers from a total of 120 markets can submit and publish "Modern UI" apps created for the soon-to-be-released operating system. The company also introduced additional subscription programs: eligible MSDN members will get their Windows Store developer account fee waived for a year, students can enroll in the free Dreamspark program, while businesses are able to sign up for a BizSpark account.

With the release of Windows 8 set for October 26th, time is running short for developers who want to get in on the ground level. For those looking to get their apps ready for the big launch, the Windows Store developer tools and the SDKs are patiently waiting to be downloaded.