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Apple updates iPod nano with a larger screen, Bluetooth, and an FM tuner for $149

Apple updates iPod nano with a larger screen, Bluetooth, and an FM tuner for $149


Apple updated its line of iPods this morning, including a new nano with Bluetooth, a larger screen, and an FM tuner.

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It may not be the focal point of the day's announcements, but Apple's not forgetting about its line of iPods. In addition to the new iPhone 5-inspired iPod touch, the company's also updated its cheaper line of portable music players at its event today in Yerba Buena. The new nano has a larger, 2.5-inch display, it's thinner and lighter, and has the new Lightning connector. It actually looks like a tiny iPhone, almost. There are physical playback controls along the side of the device, a nice addition from the touch-only operation on the previous nano. There's an FM tuner integrated, as well as Bluetooth, fitness features, and a pedometer. All are long-requested features, and make the nano more versatile than it's ever been.

The new nano looks like it's running iOS, but it's heavily skinned — there are a few icons on the screen, which to our eyes don't look particularly great. It also has a round icon in the home button, which is an odd departure from Apple's typical square aesthetic. It all adds up to something that almost looks like a knockoff of an iPod nano, but this is in fact Apple's new model.

Apple showed the shuffle a few times during the keynote, but it appears to be the same device as always. Of course, it will come with the new EarPod headphones, as will the new nano. The iPod nano is $149, the iPod shuffle is still $49.

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