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Google Fiber builds out channel lineup ahead of launch with ESPN, Disney, and more

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Google Fiber has announced that it has added Disney properties to its channel lineup, including major channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel.

ESPN logo
ESPN logo

Google Fiber is quite a deal at $120 per month for gigabit internet and HDTV service, but the original channel selection left a bit to be desired. That situation is being rectified a bit today as Google has announced that it has gotten Disney's family of channels — including big hitters like ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney Channel, ABC Family, and more — to hop on board. Engadget also reports that ESPN 3 will be available, as will WatchESPN some time in the future. While the main appeal of Google Fiber is certainly in its internet speeds, we're fairly certain that the loss of all ESPN properties would have been a major letdown — so it's good to see that Google could make a deal. Time Warner channels like HBO are still missing, however, as is AMC. Google is set to publish its final list of "fiberhoods" in Kansas City that will be eligible to sign up for service tomorrow. Here's to hoping you're on that list.