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Windows Phone Store named as replacement for Marketplace, includes design and search tweaks

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Microsoft has officially confirmed the Windows Phone Marketplace will now be referred to as the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone Store
Windows Phone Store

Microsoft first revealed what we considered a rebrand of the Windows Phone Marketplace back in early August, but the company is going official with its new naming today. Windows Phone Store is the new name for the Marketplace and the software maker has added some improvements along the way. Search functionality has been greatly improved and is now powered by Bing to supply the results. The Bing algorithm will help with similar apps and spelling mistake errors made during search.

Microsoft is also improving the app lists on the Windows Phone Store. Top Free and Top Paid lists have been renamed to a New+Rising list, and a new Best Rated section ranks apps based on usage patterns and customer ratings. Microsoft says its new branding and design is "just the beginning," with the company looking to improve things in future. The new changes have started rolling out to Australia and New Zealand and should hit other stores around the world in the coming weeks.