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Bose sells its first AirPlay speaker for $349.95, ships follow-up to SoundLink Bluetooth

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Bose releases an AirPlay-enabled SoundLink Air, and a refreshed SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker.

Bose SoundLink Air
Bose SoundLink Air

Bose has introduced its first AirPlay-enabled wireless speaker, the SoundLink Air. Like many other wireless speakers featuring AirPlay, the SoundLink Air plays music streamed wirelessly from iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The speaker can be controlled using an included infrared remote control, and can play music from other devices via the Aux In port. Bose has also announced the sequel to the SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker — pictured below — allowing users to stream music from any mobile device featuring Bluetooth. The company says that the new speaker features "improved full-range audio," yet the dimensions remain the same as its predecessor.


The SoundLink Air is priced at $349.95, with an optional rechargeable battery also available for $89.95. The SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker, meanwhile, will come in two versions: a $299.95 option with a dark gray nylon cover, plus a premium $349.95 variant with a chrome trim and dark brown leather cover. Both speakers are shipping today.