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Apple taking iPhone 5 pre-orders on September 14th starting at 12:01AM PT

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Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 at 12:01AM PT on September 14th.

Gallery Photo: iPhone 5 hands-on pictures 2
Gallery Photo: iPhone 5 hands-on pictures 2

We already knew that online pre-orders for the iPhone 5 were going to start on September 14th, but now Wired has confirmed that Apple will begin accepting your money at exactly 12:01AM PT / 3:01AM ET. If you prefer going directly through the carriers, new and existing customers can pre-order the iPhone 5 from Sprint at the same time and Verizon will be jumping the gun a minute earlier at midnight. AT&T has not announced its plans, although it will likely line up pretty closely with the other carriers. Alternatively, Apple retail stores will open their doors at 8:00AM local time on September 21st for those looking to celebrate the launch of the new 4-inch iOS device with like-minded individuals. Keep in mind, Apple will be limiting pre-orders and in-store purchases to two phones per customer.

Another in-store option for potential buyers this year is Walmart — for the first time ever, the retailer will be taking iPhone pre-orders for all three major carriers starting at 8:00AM in US stores, and it'll be doing so at a discount. The entry-level 16GB iPhone 5 will sell for $189.97 with a two-year contract, about $10 less than the phone's standard price. RadioShack has stated via Twitter that it will also be accepting pre-orders at local stores tomorrow.