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Google Fiber TV now includes Cartoon Network, CNN, and other Turner channels

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Google has added Turner stations like Cartoon Network, CNN, and TBS to its steadily growing Fiber TV lineup.

Gallery Photo: Google Fiber + TV hardware hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Google Fiber + TV hardware hands-on photos

After introducing a somewhat lackluster channel lineup for Fiber TV, Google has quickly added many of the missing stations to the new service. Just days after taking in a number of major Disney channels, the company has announced that Turner stations are now included as well. The agreement brings notable entries to the lineup, such as Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, and TNT. A few major channels like HBO and AMC are still nowhere to be found, but the lineup as a whole is shaping up nicely. Overall, Google Fiber is a truly competitive offering at $120 a month, which includes gigabit internet and now almost 200 television channels.