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New York's 'Lowline' exhibit shows off naturally-lit underground park of the future

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The team behind the Lowline wants to create a park underneath New York city, and you can get a preview starting this weekend.

lowline exhibit
lowline exhibit

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Lowline is now able to demonstrate its proposed project to the public: an underground park in New York City. "Imagining the Lowline" reveals what may become of the abandoned Williamsburg Trolley Terminal once it is equipped with parabolic solar dishes and fiber optic cables, which will be used to transport solar radiation from the surface to the park to enable subterranean photosynthesis. Check out Scientific American's report about the Lowline team for a look at their plans to create an entire ecosystem, or if you're in New York, the "Imagining the Lowline" exhibition can be seen at the Essex Street Warehouse from September 15th through 27th.