Wonderbook Style: Halogon Community Backstab Extravaganza! (GAMEDAY UPDATE)


We're comin' at ya' with a new Halogon community playdate! As usual, we'll be playing Reach on Sunday, September 23, at 2:00 PM CST, though if enough people prefer, we can always move to Sunday evening! We'll play lots of BTB/Invasion multi-team gametypes to allow for more players, and we might even do Slayer Pro matches on various maps, like Countdown and Pinnacle, to allow to for obscene amounts of Wonderbooking. If you're interested, drop you're gamertag in here, and if you want to schedule another game for another time, like ODST or Halo 3, feel free to make requests in this thread!

The current list of Gamertags I have includes:

Mintycrys - GT: Mintycrys

Livingtarget - GT: XThElAsTsNiPeRX

DocSeuss - GT: Doc2986

ShaunMcIlroy - GT: shaunomacx

Kovitlac - GT: RudeOnion

swelsh20 - GT: aka Riley Esco

Bryce3333 - GT: Bryce3333

SuperNewb - GT: YoshiNewb

jezzarisky - GT: jezzanotabelle

Wolfe - GT:R3dWolfe

PrinceLUDA21 - GT: PrinceLUDA21

The Didact - GT: Wray HD

McPaul - GT: Paul McNamara

Majornougat - GT: maj nougat

Luke Chambers - GT: Ronferth

yowza12 - GT: yowza12

Ryan with a K - GT: Ekun

Kaetos - GT: Kaetos

Ukumio - GT: NickWebster

HyyerStandards - GT: xValleyofDeathx

ScubaDiver - GT: Bond 57

tryptzch - GT: tryptzch

UPDATE for Sunday, September 23, 2012

Game day is on! Feel free to join in whenever you're ready! I'm currently the only one on at the moment, but we hope to see more people online soon!