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The Verge is live from Photokina 2012!

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Photokina is the biennial photography convention where NIkon, Canon, and all the other camera big shots compete for attention with their latest products and best new innovations.


Barely a fortnight has passed since our last escapades in Gemany, but we're back in Angela's realm this week to cover the biggest show in photography: Photokina. This biennial convention brings Nikon, Canon, and all the other big camera makers together so they can compare their latest products and do a bit of bragging about their best new innovations. Nikon went public with the full-frame D600 last week, and today Canon has responded with its own full-frame shooter in the shape of the Wi-Fi-equipped EOS 6D. Those will surely be the big highlight items on the DSLR front, but stay tuned for a ton more photography news as Photokina develops — mirrorless, point-and-shoot, and maybe even medium format cameras are all likely to cross our path as we venture through the halls of the Koelnmesse.