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Let's talk about "console quality" gaming on Surface and Windows Phone 8


Is it just me, or has MS been shockingly tight-lipped regarding the next generation of portable gaming on their devices? They made a point to announce that the Xbox brand would be coming to their phones and tablets.... and then nothing. No announcement that the Xbox 360 controller would work on the Surface. No announcement of real-time multiplayer Xbox Live gaming. No major gaming publisher partnerships or console crossover titles announced.

So when (if ever) will we see Modern Warfare come to the Surface or the Lumia? They make it seem like having Angry Birds available at launch is sufficient. Is anybody else completely underwhelmed? If I could play Fifa 13 on the Surface RT, using my Xbox controller at launch, I would pay well over $500 for the device. Since console-caliber gaming seems not to even be on their radar, however, their products have way less value to me. Does anyone else agree?