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Nokia teases cyan Lumia 920 for a split second in promo video

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Nokia has started teasing a cyan Lumia 920 in its latest promotional videos.

Lumia 920 cyan
Lumia 920 cyan

Nokia introduced its Lumia 920 handset earlier this month, but one color that was curiously absent was cyan. We asked the handset maker why there was no cyan version of the Lumia 920, and a spokesperson told us that we "might" see a cyan version of the 920 in the future without going into specifics. Now the Finnish firm has started teasing a cyan version of the Lumia 920 in a series of videos.

It started with a teaser in a Windows Phone video last week, spotted on a table with a Nokia worker. But that wasn't conclusive enough proof, after all it could have been a Lumia 900. Nokia has followed up with an even more obvious teaser as part of its World of Red Bull app promotion video. In it you can see a cyan Lumia 920 flash up on screen for less than a second, a clear subliminal message that a cyan Lumia 920 is on the way. You'll spot it at the 38 second mark in the video below.

Thanks, Matija!