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Office 2013 packages start at $139.99 or $99.99 per year for a subscription version

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Microsoft has announced its Office 2013 pricing for standalone and subscription packages, starting at $139.99 or $8.33 per month for a subscription.

Office 2013 hands on
Office 2013 hands on

Microsoft is revealing the final pricing structure for its Office 2013 packages today. After introducing a preview of Office 2013 in July, Microsoft is planning to offer a subscription version of Office 2013, under the Office 365 Home Premium branding, for $8.33 per month ($99.99 per year). The subscription package will include all of the typical Office applications — including Outlook — but with the ability to use the software on five PCs or Macs. Microsoft is also bundling in 60 minutes of Skype world calling per month and an Office on demand feature that lets you stream the apps to Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs. One additional benefit to the subscription version is the promise of regular updates and new features — Microsoft tells us "new capabilities will be added multiple times per year."

Microsoft really wants you to subscribe, but there are standalone versions too

If you're used to buying boxed standalone software, then Microsoft is still offering Office 2013 in a similar way to previous versions. Prices start at $139.99 for the Office Home and Student 2013 edition that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. If you're an Outlook fan then you'll need Office Home and Business 2013 which is priced at $219.99. There is also an Office Professional 2013 edition that includes all the apps in Home and Business plus Access and Publisher for $399.99. The standalone versions will not include access to a streaming on demand version of Office, nor regular upgrades like the subscription version, and can only be installed on one PC.

Following recent rumors, Microsoft is also launching its Office 2013 upgrade program on October 19th. Those who purchase Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011 will qualify for a one year Office 365 Home Premium, or equivalent Office 2013 offering, when the next version of Office is generally available. Microsoft isn't saying when Office 2013 will ship, but a spokesperson tells us that it will be made available in 277 markets for consumers in over 70 currencies, and that most retailers across Europe and the United States will offer a Product Key Card rather than a traditional DVD box. Office 2013 will also be made available to purchase online.