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Leica M-E rangefinder is a refreshed M9 with a bare-bones feature set

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Leica's new M-E features an 18-megapixel CCD sensor and a familiar set of features.

Leica M-E
Leica M-E

Along with the brand-new Leica M, Leica has also announced the M-E, a stripped down rangefinder with familiar parts. Essentially a refresh of the M9, the M-E has the same 18-megapixel full-frame CCD sensor and minimalist design as the older rangefinder. Unlike the new M, the M-E doesn't record video, doesn't offer Live View, and doesn't have a large 3-inch LCD.

Traditional rangefinder shooters will feel right at home with the M-E, though, as it offers familiar manual focusing and exposure features and Leica's signature solid build quality. Leica has added leather trim and improved the camera's grip for better handling, but at its core, the M-E is a purist's camera (or as close to a purist's camera that a digital camera can be). The Leica M-E is available at Leica retailers now for $5,450 in the US and £3,900 in the UK.