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Leica shows off Paul Smith-designed X2 limited to 1,500 units

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Leica has unveiled a Paul Smith-designed edition of its X2 premium compact.

leica paul smith x2
leica paul smith x2

It wouldn't be a day of Leica announcements without an extravagant special edition, and the legendary German camera maker hasn't disappointed. Following the introduction of the new M and M-E, Leica has also unveiled a Paul Smith-designed edition of the X2 premium compact. The fashion designer has decked out the X2 in orange, yellow, and British racing green stripes with a lightbulb engraving on the flash cover, as well as creating a taupe calfskin case and strap for the camera.

We're unconvinced that the gaudy design is altogether appropriate for discreet street photography, but the Leica collectors among us are unlikely to care too much. The Paul Smith edition X2 is limited to 1,500 units, and while there's no word on a date or price you can expect the expensive.