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Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage gets a recycle bin, Excel surveys coming soon

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SkyDrive logo
SkyDrive logo

Microsoft is unveiling a new recycle bin feature for SkyDrive today. After being rumored since earlier this year, SkyDrive will now offer a way to recover any files that may have been deleted by accident. Reacting to student feedback, Microsoft says it was a top feature request for groups of users working together on projects using SkyDrive.

The recycle bin feature works by offering SkyDrive users to undo a delete action, a fairly simple way to quickly retrieve a file deleted by mistake. There's also a link to the recycle bin in the folders list which will show a thumbnail to details view of recently deleted items. Microsoft says it will start to delete the oldest content in the recycle bin if it gets large enough to exceed 10 percent of the overall SkyDrive storage limit, and items will be permanently deleted after they have been there for 30 days.


Microsoft is also planning to roll out an Excel surveys feature for SkyDrive. The surveys feature will let individuals, like students, create simple surveys using the Excel Web App within SkyDrive. The feature is currently being tested and Microsoft says it will launch soon.