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Print books preferred to iPad ebooks by both parents and kids in survey

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A new survey from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center reveals that both parents and children usually prefer to read print books together over ebooks on an iPad.

paper book 640
paper book 640

Despite their convenience, not everyone prefers ebooks to print, and a new survey offers further evidence that traditional books may not be going away so soon. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center surveyed about 1,200 parents on how they like to read with their preschool-age children, and the results revealed that both parties usually prefer to read print books together. Perhaps not surprisingly, kids appear more receptive to ebooks in general, but just over half of those surveyed still favor paper; more than 70 percent of adults sided with traditional books, meanwhile.

The study concludes that ebooks and paper books likely play different roles in households where both are available, with parents more open to ebooks when traveling or at times when the child is left alone. The survey participants, however, were all iPad owners, with no figures or findings for dedicated e-readers. Many respondents who don't read iPad ebooks with their children expressed concerns over excessive screen time, distracting extra features, and the "feel" of the tablet, but it's possible that devices like the Kindle would be more palatable.