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PlayStation Mobile titles go on sale October 3rd, Sharp and Fujitsu join as hardware partners

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Sony has announced that it will be opening the store for the new PlayStation Mobile program on October 3rd, and that Sharp and Fujitsu are joining the program as third-party hardware partners.

PlayStation Mobile
PlayStation Mobile

Back at E3 Sony rebranded its Playstation Suite mobile gaming initiative to PlayStation Mobile, and the company has now announced it will begin distributing content to certified devices through the PlayStation Store on October 3rd. Aimed at Android-based smartphones and tablets, PlayStation Mobile games will be available in nine different countries at launch, including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and France. Around 30 different titles will be present to start with, from both Sony and third-party developers. According to Sony, the titles will be priced between 50 to 850 yen (approximately $0.64 to $10.80).

Joining HTC — the first third-party PlayStation Mobile hardware partner — will be Fujitsu and Sharp. Sony's press release makes specific mention of Fujitsu's Arrows line of smartphones and tablets, though it's not clear which specific models are participating in PlayStation Mobile at this time.

For those anxious to develop for the initiative, Sony will be releasing the PlayStation Mobile SDK in November. A $99 yearly subscription will be required, but it will allow developers to create games and sell them through the store to both PlayStation Mobile devices and the PlayStation Vita. With Apple having found such success in mobile gaming, Sony would no doubt love to leverage its brand to get in on some of that business — and with October just around the corner, we won't have to wait too long to find out if its efforts will be successful.