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American Airlines to equip all of its flight attendants with Galaxy Notes this year

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Starting later this year, 17,000 American Airlines flight attendants will be equipped with Samsung Galaxy Notes.

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for AT&T review pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for AT&T review pictures

Between Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets for passenger entertainment and Apple iPads for pilots, American Airlines has been embracing mobile device technology with open arms. Now the company will be taking the trend one step further by giving a Samsung Galaxy Note to all 17,000 of its flight attendants. The devices will be used to access customer information, track food and beverage preferences for premium class customers, identify special-needs passengers, and provide up-to-date flight and weather notifications.

American Airlines began testing the program in the spring and plans on rolling it out to flight attendants later this year. The airline tested multiple devices, but ultimately chose the 5.3-inch Android handset for its "thin, portable design" and "easy to handle profile." While we may not agree with the company's assesment of the Note's form factor, we won't argue about the added convinience that this will likely bring to both customers and employees.