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Nokia slams HTC's Windows Phone 8 announcement, calls it a 'tactical re-branding'

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Nokia responds to HTC's newly announced Windows Phone 8X and 8S devices, calling them a tactical re-brand.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020
Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020

HTC has just unveiled two new Windows Phone 8 devices today (the 8X and 8S), making them the signature phones for Microsoft. We asked Nokia about today's announcements and the company's head of marketing, Chris Weber, has responded to HTC's move by claiming the announcement is "good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem." However, Weber says that "while others may choose to tactically re-brand their products," Nokia is building its Lumia franchise exclusively around Windows Phone.

Nokia isn't mincing its words, but it's clear the company remains committed to Windows Phone 8 with its Lumia 920 and 820 devices expected to arrive in early November. We have reproduced Weber's statement in full below.

"Today is more good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem. While others may choose to tactically re-brand their products, Nokia is driving an industry-leading smartphone franchise – that we call Lumia -- exclusively around Windows Phone. With Lumia, we are creating truly differentiated experiences like PureView imaging, location and navigation, wireless charging and Nokia Music. And we’re just getting started!"

Update: Weber has also tweeted about HTC's hardware, embedded below.