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Sony shows off new slim PlayStation 3 at Tokyo Game Show (photos and video)

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Hands-on impressions of the new PlayStation 3 from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

new PS3
new PS3

We're on the ground at Tokyo Game Show 2012, and our first port of call was Sony's booth to see the newly slimmed-down PlayStation 3 that the company announced yesterday. The unit isn't dramatically smaller than the previous PS3, which itself wasn't a huge cut down from the launch model, but the cumulative downsizing still impresses — I have an original unit at home, and instantly started thinking about the space I could save beneath my TV.

The ridged design on top hides a top-loading disc mechanism; slide the right section over the left to reveal the disc tray, then slide it back to close. It might not be as elegant as the previous models' slot-loaders, but the unit's overall design is attractive and has a charm of its own. Otherwise, there's not much different — two USB ports on the bottom left, a lot of logos on the bottom right, and the obligatory vertical stand accessory. It'll be out first in the US, with a 250GB Uncharted 3 bundle seeing release next Tuesday for $269.99.