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Democratic Party launches open source voter registration web app

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A new web app from the Democratic National Committee attempts to make the process of registering to vote a bit easier.

Flickr - Joe Biden voting
Flickr - Joe Biden voting

The Democratic National Committee is doing its part to get people voting with a new open source web app that lets Americans register online. The app lets potential voters fill out a National Voter Registration Form on the web, which is then converted into a PDF that can be printed and submitted — and to make things a little easier the app also includes all of the necessary registration guidelines and information for each individual state. So if you live in a state that supports online registration you can forgo the PDF all together, as the app will direct you to the appropriate online form.

As Wired points out, the Obama re-election campaign has also released a similar tool that lets people embed a voter registration widget on their site. Of course, the DNC and Obama campaign aren't the only ones using technology to encourage people to register — this past week Google partnered with TurboVote to provide voter registration tools, and even Microsoft's election hub on Xbox Live provides information on how to sign-up. The US Presidential Election takes place November 6th, 2012.